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Cleaning Hacks For Your West Chester Apartments: Part Two

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If you tuned in to part one of this blogging installment, you likely know that we talked about some interesting and alternative cleaning methods such as using dryer sheets to buff out watermarks, grapefruits to clean the shower and tub, as well as using vinegar and an iron to rid your carpet of stains. Luckily, that isn’t all! In today’s blog post, your provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, The Lakes At West Chester, will be continuing our conversation on our favorite innovative tips and tricks for cleaning your West Chester rental.

Clean Your Microwave With Soapy Water

While you might be thinking “No kidding — how else would you clean a microwave?”, we aren’t talking about simply scrubbing the microwave with soapy water. Instead, we are suggesting that you actually put the bowl of soapy water in the microwave and run it quickly. In doing so, you can expect for the grime and gunk covering the walls of your microwave ceiling to loosen up, becoming much easier to wipe off. This trick is so beneficial because if there is one thing that can make a luxury apartment in West Chester, Ohio, look less “luxurious” it is to have a dirty microwave.

Clean Fans With An Old Pillowcase

Often times you find yourself laying in bed, looking at the ceiling, only to realize that your ceiling fan is absolutely filthy. Sometimes it can be off-putting to clean the ceiling fan because more often than not, dust goes everywhere. Luckily, you no longer need to take a microfiber cloth and spread dust throughout your West Chester rental. Instead, simply take an old pillowcase (one that you are willing to throw out) and place the opening over each individual blade, simply shutting the opening and pulling the pillowcase off of the blade. In doing so, you will find that you collect all of the dust from the blade while also containing the dust in the back — a much better alternative to spreading it around your luxury apartment in West Chester, Ohio.

Clean Vents With A Wet Rag And A Butter Knife

To keep our list of odd cleaning uses for household items going, we would like to point out the efficiency of using a butter knife and a wet cloth to clean your West Chester apartment air vents. Over time, some dust and grime might build up on the grate of your air vent. By using a wet rag and a butter knife, you can easily slide the rag between the vents, quickly and efficiently removing the dust. Why is this important? Well, to put it simply, over time the dust will accrue on your vents, meaning that when the vents are turned on, they are more likely to decrease the air quality in your West Chester apartment.

Become A Part Of Our Luxury Apartments In West Chester, Ohio, Community

Here at The Lakes At West Chester, we love our little community. We are lucky enough to live within half an hour of Cincinnati while receiving all of the perks of living in a small community — and to top it off, we have a number of awesome amenities, both communal and in each of our West Chester apartments. If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, or even just want to take a look at our luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, we urge you to contact us to schedule a tour. Already know that The Lakes At West Chester is the perfect place for you? Simply apply online today!

We look forward to you joining our community. 

Cleaning Hacks For Your West Chester Apartments: Part One

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As a provider of apartments in West Chester, we understand that it can be difficult to clean your apartment — after all, grime and gunk do build up seemingly overnight. Luckily, there is a solution that can make any of the various apartments in West Chester look like a luxury apartment in West Chester. In today’s blog post, your local provider of apartments and townhomes in the North-Cincinnati suburbs, The Lakes At West Chester, will be discussing a few of our favorite cleaning hacks that can help you better manage the clutter, and dirt, in your apartment.

Continue reading to learn our secrets!

Clean Your Tub With A Grapefruit

While it might seem outright silly to clean your bathtub with your favorite breakfast fruit, there is a reason that we are suggesting it — and it is probably something that you haven’t thought about. How do you normally clean your shower or bathtub? You likely sprinkle a little bit of Comet on to a scrubbie and apply it to shower walls and bathtub floor. While we are not trying to discredit Comet, because hey, the stuff works — instead we are trying to point out that if you take a bath, you will essentially be soaking in the residuals of the chemical. A natural remedy that can replace comet is a halved, and lightly salted, Pamplemousse (aka a grapefruit).  So what are you waiting for? Clean your West Chester Apartments the natural way!


Tackle Water Spots With A Dryer Sheet

So your parents are in Cincinnati on business and need a place to stay for the week. Being the wonderful child that you are, you happily allow them to. There is only one problem — West Chester rental is completely spotless, except for the water spots on your stainless steel appliances. Water spots can make any West Chester apartment look much dirtier than it really is, so take a dryer sheet to them and buff them out. Your refrigerator, your faucets, and any other stainless steel appliances will be looking brand new in no time and you will avoid embarrassment!

Join Us Next Week For Part Two Of Our Blog!

Thank you for joining us in part one of our apartment cleaning secrets blog post. It is our goal as a provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, to provide our tenants with the highest quality of amenities — and we are quite sure that they want to keep them that way. Whether you clean your apartment by yourself, enlist the help of friends, or hire someone else to do it, trust us when we say you will be happier with a clean West Chester rental. Stay tuned to the next installment of our blog to learn a few more of our favorite cleaning tips and tricks!

Contact us today if you have any questions about our luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio. Are you looking for a new apartment? Stop by to take a tour or apply online today!

Tips To Save Money On Utilities In Your West Chester Apartment

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Ahhhh, bills. You love them and you hate them. Wait, maybe just the latter. While there isn’t a way for you to be able to avoid paying bills at all, you can take some deliberate steps towards lowering your West Chester apartment utility bills. In today’s blog post your local apartment complex, The Lakes At West Chester Village will be discussing a few of our favorite tips and tricks that can be used to lower the utility bill for your apartment or townhome.

Adjust And Lower Your Thermostat

While we know that this is a widely known (and fairly obvious) way to lower your utility costs, we just had to reiterate it. Even lowering your thermostat by a few degrees can make a huge impact on your utility bill, all while being hardly noticeable in your West Chester rental unit. Additionally, it might be beneficial to see if your thermostat has a programmable time setting so that you can predetermine when the unit is turned down.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

While it might seem a little expensive to change all of the lightbulbs in your West Chester apartment, you will likely end up saving money in the long run. Lighting in your West Chester unit can account for an average of 5-10% of your total energy usage, so replacing old outdated bulbs with newer LED bulbs can make much more of a difference than you might think.

Check Your HVAC System Often

While yes, you live in an apartment and you feel like this is something you shouldn’t have to do, regularly checking the filter to your apartment’s HVAC system can do wonders for your utility bill. At The Lakes, At West Chester Village we take care of the main HVAC system, and we make sure to do a good job of it, but dirt and other airborne substances will get trapped in the filter over time — making your HVAC system work twice as hard. Simply check on your air filter every couple of months and watch your utility bills shrink.

Buy A New Shower Head

Is your water bill so high that it’s got you down? One of the largest water wastes that we hear about here at the Lakes At West Chester Village is when people run their shower for five minutes before they get in while they wait for the water to get to their preferred temperature. A perfect solution to this is to get a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads can be found just about anywhere and are a cheap addition to your shower that will save you big in the long run.

Unplug Items When They Are Not Being Used

Something that people often forget about is the fact that appliances use energy even when you are not using them — and a lot of it. It is likely that millions of dollars are lost every single year due to items and appliances that are plugged in and using “standby” power. Some new items are programmed to turn off completely after a period of inactivity, but to be safe we recommend using powerstrips so that you can easily “unplug” multiple items and appliances with ease.

Wash Your Clothes In Large Loads

Washing machine usage is an excellent way to cut down on your electricity and water bills because unlike other appliances in your West Chester apartments, washing machines use both electricity and water simultaneously. By simply cutting back on how often you use the washing machine by washing larger loads, you will see huge improvements in your utility bills.

Save Money With Us At The Lakes At West Chester Village

Are you currently looking at apartments in West Chester? Have you visited us yet? If you haven’t, we urge you to stop by and check out our beautiful community of townhomes and apartments for rent. We offer our residents unmatched amenities ranging from a dog park to a five-mile walking trail to complimentary movie rentals. Additionally, our apartments and townhomes in West Chester, Ohio are centrally located between some of the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment that our wonderful little township has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a tour!

Ten Things to Do Before Finding Your First Apartment

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Finding a new apartment is an exciting thing, whether it is because you are finally leaving your parents’ house or if it is your first new place with your significant other. Because it is your first apartment, you might not be quite well versed in the area of finding a high-quality apartment — a West Chester apartment that is a diamond in the rough, if you will. Luckily, as a local apartment complex that has West Chester apartments for rent, we do know a thing or two about the apartment search, because before we owned an apartment complex, we too once had to search for an apartment of our own.

In today’s blog post we are going to discuss a few things that we think you should know before you begin your West Chester apartment search.

Set A Budget

Before you set foot out of the door of your current housing, you need to know what your maximum budget is, as well as your ideal budget. Apartment hunting is hard, and each tour will take quite some time, and by inquiring about the apartment’s price before you tour you can end up cutting your list down in half.

Don’t know how to choose the maximum amount of rent that you are able to pay? Generally speaking (and take this with a grain of salt, as all housing markets are different) an individual should never pay more than 25-30 percent of their monthly salary on rent. So if you make $4,000 a month, your share of rent should ideally never exceed $1,000-1,200. Additionally, there is no harm in being frugal. If you find a nice apartment for rent in West Chester that is under your budget, satisfies all your needs and checks off all of your boxes, there is no harm in saving your money for a rainy day.

Don’t Limit Your Search To A Small Area

One of the worst things that you can do is set too narrow of a scope — in regard to location or cost.

While yes, you might have a fine line of what you can or cannot afford, it is important to look at apartments both above your budget and below your budget so that you can better understand how the quality and amenities of an apartment factor into its rental price.

Additionally, do not set too strict of a limitation on where the apartment is located. Do you want to be within 20 minutes of work? While that might be ideal, an apartment that is simply 10 minutes farther from your job may be cheaper, nicer, and have better amenities. It doesn’t hurt to look, so just keep an open mind and be flexible.

Come Prepared To Sign a Lease

As a provider of apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio, we understand that you don’t want to sign a lease the day of your tour, and that is not our intent either, but leasing can be extremely competitive. Why is the apartment search in West Chester so competitive? Well, to put it simply, it’s supply and demand. Most apartment leases all start, and end, at around the same time, meaning a large population of people are all out and about looking for their next dream home.

By bringing things like an ID card, knowing your credit score, and being prepared to pay for a credit check and background check are all ways that could help expedite the process if it were to come down to a race for the last available apartment in a complex.


Start Your Apartment Search At The Lakes At West Chester Village

If you are looking to have a short apartment search process from start to finish, we advise you to start your search here at The Lakes At West Chester Village. We offer apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio that is second to none in quality, amenities offered, and affordability. And to add to that, our location is not too shabby either.

If you are interested in living at The Lakes At West Chester Village we urge you to check out our website to find a full list of amenities, floor plans, and any other information that you might want to know about our West Chester apartments. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, be sure to contact us at our main office.

We look forward to showing you your new home.

What Is More Desirable? Living In The City Or A Suburb Of Cincinnati: Part Two

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In our previous blog The Lakes at West Chester Village, your source of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, discussed the general appeals and stereotypes that are associated with living in the city versus living in the suburbs. Additionally, we spoke in depth about the benefits and the culture that the city can provide to someone living within city limits. If you would like to revisit part one of this blog post, click here.

As we stated in our previous blog, we are a stakeholder in the argument of if living in the suburbs is better than living in the city and vice versa. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we are unapologetically in favor of the lifestyle that suburbs can provide, and in part two of this blog post, we will tell you why.

Why Suburbs?

Well, in order to get it out of the way as soon as possible, we must say that the obvious reason that we are in favor of the suburbs is our location. Sitting on the edge of the greater-Cincinnati bubble, our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, are the perfect place to live with our communities perfect balance between relaxed and active.  Below, our community of apartments in West Chester, Ohio has compiled a favorable list in favor of living in the suburbs. Enjoy!

Get More Bang For Your Buck

When most people think about the cost of living in the suburb as compared to living in the city, they think in terms of property ownership. It is widely known that in real estate that you can get more square footage for your money in the suburb as compared to the city, but people rarely think of this concept in the terms of renting. Much like when looking for a property to purchase, West Chester rentals also allow you to get more square footage for your buck. So would you rather live in a tiny studio apartment in downtown Cincinnati? Or in a large apartment in West Chester for the same, if not less, money.

Less Is More

Sure, the obvious thing that West Chester has less of than in Cincinnati is people, but sometimes less can be a good thing. With a smaller population comes, wait for it — less pollution. With the deficit in cars on the road, you might notice better air even though you are still within a reasonable distance of downtown. Additionally, if you reduce the number of people in a given area, you will also notice a tremendous amount of noise reduction. While we are only 23 miles from downtown Cincinnati, you might find our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH quiet enough to be a day spa.

Get To Know The Neighborhood

Better Schools

While this is not always the case with suburbs, West Chester happens to have some of the best schools in the Cincinnati area. Are you interested in providing your child, or future child, with a quality public education? Consider moving to West Chester, where the local high school has a 40 percent rate in advanced placement educational programs. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we offer apartments that are for rent in West Chester, Ohio that can allow you to become established in our quaint suburban community.

A Chance To Participate In Government

Living in a smaller community means that your voice is more easily heard. Taking a more active role in government is much easier when you are a part of a smaller community like ours because your voices and opinions can be heard by those that actively make the decisions. If you are a part of our community of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, you have the opportunity to have your voice be heard. Exercise your rights with us!

Have We Made The Suburbs Appealing Enough?

Like we said in part one of this blog series, there are three types of people in this world — people that love living within city limits of a large metropolitan area, people that enjoy living in the suburbs, and people that really have no idea what living arrangement would better suit them. If you were in favor of living in the city, we probably wouldn’t change your mind, but for those that remained undecided, we look forward to having you come to visit our community of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH.

At The Lakes at West Chester, we understand that people are predisposed to like the city or the suburbs. All we are saying is that if the suburbs sound appealing to you, we would love to have you come to visit. If you have any further questions on our apartments in West Chester, or even about our quaint township itself, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. If living on the outskirts of the hecticness known as Cincinnati, schedule a tour of our West Chester apartments, or apply online today!

What Is More Desirable? Living In The City Or A Suburb Of Cincinnati: Part One

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There are three types of people in this world — people that love living within city limits of a large metropolitan area, people that enjoy living in the suburbs, and people that really have no idea what living arrangement would better suit them. Here at The Lakes at West Chester we are obviously partial to the latter, being that of living in the suburbs, but in an effort to better demonstrate the benefits of both sides we will do our best to be impartial. Join The lakes at West Chester Village, your source for luxury apartments in West Chester, OH as we discuss the various benefits of living inside, or outside of the Cincinnati city limits.

Living In The City Or The Suburbs: The Argument

Even as a key stakeholder in the debate regarding the appeals of living in the city or the suburb, we must acknowledge that our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH might not appeal to everyone. Naturally, some people are predisposed to city life, as they find the fast-paced culture alluring. That being said, there will always be people on the other side of the spectrum as well — people that find quiet evenings at a small local brewery more appealing than a late night at a downtown pub.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty part of the argument, as it is really more of a preference than an argument — we here at The Lakes At West Chester Village would like to acknowledge some of the stereotypes associated with living in the city and living in the suburb.

Historically, people were known to spend their youth disseminated around the country in communities ranging from metropolitan to extremely rural communities, with most younger people  seeking the appealing city-lifestyle. Then, after living their 20s and 30s in the metropolitan area, they suddenly want a simpler life in a quiet, quaint, community. Then, they would move to the suburb, start a family, and live quietly.

While the cliche ideologies of the city and suburbs once had been indeed quite strong, they are no longer relevant, as now — regardless of age, some people are predisposed to like the city, and others, the suburbs.

Become A Part of Our Community

City Living: What Are The Appeals?

There are many reasons that someone might resort to city living instead of typing “apartments in West Chester” or “apartments for rent in the Cincinnati suburbs”.  Some people have jobs in the city and aren’t quite ready to start commuting, while others simply love the city life and would never want to leave it. Living in the city can be extremely fun, as there is always something going on. While cities like Cincinnati can provide the hustle and bustle that cities are usually associated with, it can also prove to be less fast-paced, as there are localized cultures within the city limits that can be incredibly valuable to immerse yourself in.

Are you an intellectual that likes to spend your time learning the vast wealth of your city’s knowledge? Then check out the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Contemporary Arts Center, and more.

Are you more interested in the restaurant and entertainment culture? Catch a concert at U.S. Bank Arena or Riverbend Music Center or reserve yourself a table at J. Alexander’s – Redlands Grill, or BRAVO Cucina Italiana.

Our point is that even as a provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, we can see the appeal that people might see in living within Cincinnati’s city limits.

Stay Tuned For Part Two: The Allure Of The Suburb

In part two of this blog post, we will discuss the allure of the suburb, and why people might find it more attractive than the city.

For those of you that already have seen the promises of living in a suburb of Cincinnati like West Chester, Ohio we urge you to come to visit us at The Lakes at West Chester Village. Our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH are located in a quaint township outside of Cincinnati, but still has all of the resources of a large city. Check out one of our last blog posts where we discussed some fun activities in West Chester.

If you are looking for an apartment in West Chester, Ohio, we urge you to contact us today. Schedule an appointment to tour our West Chester luxury apartments, or apply to become a part of our community online today.

Five Annual Events Near Our West Chester Apartments

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In one of our past blogs, we discussed some of the reasons why we think living in the West Chester Township area is second to none. Today we will continue that trend by discussing some of the best events that our area will be hosting this summer. All of the events that we talk about today are within a reasonable distance of out West Chester apartments, so grab your bike or skateboard and experience the wonderful events that our town has to offer.

Here at The Lakes at West Chester, we thoroughly believe that apartments in West Chester are better than apartments anywhere else in the Cincinnati area. Why? The answer is simple — there is no place in the world like West Chester. Join us today as we discuss some of the summer 2018 events.

Buckeye BBQ Fest – May 18-19, 2018

If you are interested in some good old-fashioned family fun you absolutely have to be in attendance at the annual Buckeye Barbecue fest. Featuring two nights of non-stop live blues concerts, 99 kegs of local microbrews, a classic car show, and a multitude of different barbecue vendors, this event is sure to be an absolute blast.  

In addition to being chock full of entertainment, food, and fun, the Buckeye BBQ Fest also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get into like most large events. Day passes are five dollars, and kids under the age of 12 get in free. So what are you waiting for? If you live in one of the many apartments for rent in West Chester, OH, or even a house for that matter, head on down to the Buckeye BBQ Fest. We will see you there!

Hump Day Concert Series – May 31 to Aug 22, 2018

Everyone’s work week is the same. When the week starts you get that “I have five days of work left this week.” feeling, and needless to say, it is quite unenjoyable. Luckily, when Wednesday rolls around and you hit that midway point to the weekend your spirits are lifted. In the West Chester Township, we consider Wednesday to be a day of celebration, and that is exactly what we do.

Every Wednesday for the greater part of the summer at Voice of America MetroPark, tasty dinner, drinks, and music will be served to all in attendance. So grab your chairs, blanket, and a cooler or snack and relax to the soothing sound of local music as you celebrate your Wednesday. To learn more about this event check out the Metro Parks of Butler County website.

Oh, and did we mention that this event is free? Talk about making a good thing great. At The Lakes at West Chester, we thoroughly enjoy the community events that our area has to offer. Come see what we mean and then become a part of our community by moving into one of our apartments for rent.

Become A Part of Our Community

The West Chester Concert Series – Jun 2 To Sept 3, 2018

If there is an emerging trend that you might be picking up on by now it is the fact that West Chester loves its live music and concerts. The West Chester Concert Series is the perfect event for settling back and relaxing on a cool summer evening. Pack your own meal, or switch it up and bring take out, there is no wrong way to experience this concert series. Much like The Hump Day Concert Series, the West Chester Concert Series is also free and family friendly.

For more information on the location, as well as a full lineup of bands that will be performing, check out the Butler County Visitors Bureau’s website. Additionally, check out our West Chester apartments for rent so that you can be close to the action.

Christmas In July – Jun 25 to Jul 31, 2018

Everyone loves Christmas, right? But It is kind of a bummer that you can only see Saint Nick once a year. Luckily, at EnterTRAINment Junction you can see him twice, although seeing him again does not guarantee a second round of gifts. If your children are interested in seeing Santa (or if you are) be sure to stop by this wonderful event that celebrates the unbeknownst “half-Christmas” celebration.

For more information on this local West Chester, not-so-white Christmas event be sure to check out the EnterTRAINment junction website.

The Crazy Cardboard Boat Regatta – Jul 14, 2018

The Crazy Cardboard Regatta is an event like no other. Hosted by Butler County, this unrealistically cool race features teams of paddlers aboard cardboard creations. Whether you build yourself a cardboard boat or are more comfortable spectating from the shore, this even it sure to be fun.

Are you not a fan of boating, races, or spectating? Don’t fret, because like most West Chester events, the Crazy Cardboard Boat Regatta features a plethora of local vendors as well as other entertainment activities that you can participate in.

For more information on this wacky event, be sure to check out the Metro Parks of Butler County website.  

A Tour Of The Lakes At West Chester Apartments – Whenever You Want

While taking a tour of our West Chester, OH apartments may not be considered an event, we do think that it is a pretty big deal. If you are looking for your very own piece of West Chester real estate there is no better place for you to begin your search than here with us at The Lakes at West Chester. Featuring amenities ranging from a heated saltwater pool to a 24-hour fitness and tanning center, our apartments and townhomes are second to none here in the West Chester Area.  

We urge you to look at our apartments in West Chester, Ohio both because of the wonderful amenities that we can provide, as well as the wonderful community that we are a part of. Schedule a tour with us today, or contact us to ask questions.

Our Refer A Friend Incentive

Our “Refer A Friend” Incentive

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The Lakes at West Chester Village wants you to tell your friends and coworkers about your experience living here with us. For every one of your friends that choose to live here for 12 months after your referral, we will pay you 200 dollars. In today’s blog post, we are going to give you a couple of ideas on how to use your 200 dollar reward for referring a friend to our West Chester apartments.

Five Ways To Use Your 200 Dollars

Below, The Lakes At West Chester your West Chester apartments provider has outlined a short list of creative ways to use your referral incentive bonus.

Let Us Know How We Are Doing

Put It Towards Rent

As a management company of apartments in West Chester, we understand that paying rent is always a disheartening feeling. One day, your bank account looks huge, and the next a couple hundreds of dollars seemingly vanish. While paying rent is a necessity for those who enjoy living in the comfort of an apartment while not having to deal with the difficulties of navigating West Chester real estate, it is tough to watch money disappear like that. That being said, after referring a friend, you can save 200 dollars on your next rent payment. Refer multiple friends and you might be looking at a free month of rent!

Save For A Trip

Ahhhhh, traveling. Something everyone wants to do, but something that not everyone can afford. Luckily, you just got 200 dollars for referring a friend to our West Chester apartments for rent. With 200 dollars you can open up a savings account to start saving for your next vacation. Contribute an additional 10 dollars a week and in a year you could have 720 dollars towards your trip.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

When was the last time that you had a spa day? With spas increasingly raising their prices due to a rise in popularity, your 200 dollar referral bonus can get you the spa day that you have been craving and a huge discount. Just think, you could get a full day of relaxation for simply telling a friend about your experience living here at our West Chester, OH, apartments.

Buy That Toy You’ve Been Looking At

Is there something that you have wanted to buy for a while now but just haven’t been able to justify buying it? Well, now you can purchase it without feeling like you wasted your money. You might have to let your friend play with it too, after all, they did get you 200 dollars by mentioning your name as they signed their 12-month lease at our West Chester rentals. That being said, it was just a suggestion. It’s your new toy, you make the rules.

Simply Save The Money

If this is what you plan on doing with your referral bonus money, we applaud your efforts to avoid spending it on the above options. We are truly lucky to have someone with your level of responsibility and foresight in our West Chester apartment community. Putting away 200 dollars today can make a huge difference for you 20 years down the road.

Live With Us Here At The Lakes At West Chester Village

We would like to thank our residents for providing us with feedback from the resident surveys so that we can continue to make our West Chester apartments one of the most desirable places to live in town.

Simply tell your friends about your experiences living here and receive 200 dollars when they sign a 12-month lease with us. Also, contact us if you have any questions about our apartments for rent in West Chester. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Welcome To The Lakes At West Chester Village Blog

Welcome To The Lakes At West Chester Village Blog

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Hello, and welcome to The Lakes At West Chester Village blog, where we will regularly discuss a multitude of topics ranging from ideas of things to do in the area to simple decorating and organizational techniques for your apartment. In today’s blog post, being that it is the first, we will be discussing some of the overarching themes that we think make The Lakes At West Chester Village one of the premier luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio.

What Do Our Apartments In West Chester, OH Have To Offer?

While obviously, we may seem to come off as a little biased in this post, it is not intentional as we are simply stating facts about our West Chester rentals. Below, we have compiled a short list of things that we think make our apartments second to none.

Become A Part of Our CommunityA World Class Neighborhood

Ranked as one of the “Top 50 Best Places To Live” by Money Magazine, West Chester, Ohio is home to some of the best neighborhoods in the country, including ours. Our neighborhood is full of fun activities and attractions, including restaurants, museums, breweries, and outdoor activities. Below, we have listed a few of the awesome attractions that make West Chester real estate so desirable.

Have A Beer At DogBerry Brewing

DogBerry Brewing describes themselves as a “niche, boutique, nano, minuscule, overgrown home brewery,” making them an extremely fun and interesting destination. Ideal for the weekend or after-work drink with friends, DogBerry Brewing is sure to satisfy.

Spend An Afternoon At EnterTRAINment Junction

EnterTRAINment Junction is one of the most interesting places that you might ever have the pleasure of stumbling upon. This railroad museum is carefully masked by the pleasurable features of curtain and mirror mazes, interactive space tour, clown college, and seasonal rides. Perfect for a weekend with the family or a fun trip with friends, EnterTRAINment Junction is a must-visit destination.

Eat At Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Featuring menu items like juicy steaks, stuffed mushrooms, and burgers, Johnnys is a fancy reservation-only restaurant that is sure to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. The best part is that it isn’t far from our apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio. Enjoy a fancy dinner, then have a night out on the town knowing that your Uber fare won’t be high, because you live so close.

Hike At Wetlands Park

Wetlands Park is just one of many public parks in the area. Featuring lush green foliage, this 42-acre park features trails for biking and walking, picnic areas, and access to fishing. We are not exaggerating when we say that you could get lost in this park (literally and figuratively). Spend the afternoon, or go for a quick run, through the Wetlands Park to see what our neighborhood truly has to offer.

We could talk about the wonderful places surrounding our apartments in West Chester, Ohio all day, but today’s blog is about our rentals. Stay tuned to our blog for more ideas for fun activities and places to visit in our West Chester neighborhood.

Awesome Personal And Community Amenities

Something that we think sets our West Chester apartments apart from other is the great amenities that we can offer our residents, both inside their homes and out.

When you rent an apartment with us, you can expect to experience luxuries that usually are not associated with apartment complexes. Luxuries like open concept floor plans, garages, nine-foot vaulted ceilings, washer and dryer connections, large closets, as well as appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, and central air. Because of this, we truly believe that The Lakes At West Chester Village are second to none when it comes to apartments in West Chester.

Additionally, we provide our residents with some pretty cool communal benefits.  Do you have kids? Well, we have a playground that kids love. Do you consider yourself a grill-master? Prove it at one of our community grilling stations. Do you have a dog? Take it to our “Bark Park” or stop by one of our community pet stations. Do you like campfires with friends? Settle in for the night at our wood burning fire pit. Along with the above amenities, we also offer services like our rentable clubhouse, five-mile walking trail, heated salt water pool, our 24-hour gym, business center and tanning salon, as well as complimentary movie rental.

All this and more can be yours here at our apartments for rent in West Chester. Simply apply today!

Multiple Floor Plan Options

Our West Chester apartments come in all shapes and sizes. With four apartment floor plans and two townhome options, we have the perfect apartments for you based off of your special needs and requirements. Below, we have briefly outlined the floor plans of our apartments for rent.

  • The Harbor Flat (1 BR, 1 Bath)- This one bedroom apartment is perfect for the bachelor or bachelorette that loves and appreciates their own personal space, without making the sacrifice to live in a cramped studio. With 865 square feet and ample closet space, this apartment will never feel small.
  • The Marquette Flat (1 BR, 1 Bath) – Is 865 square feet still too small for you? If so, the Marquette Flat is the best choice for you with its ample space. With 907 square feet, this one bedroom apartment is sure to be big enough for you to “stretch your legs”.
  • The Bay Port Flat (2 BR, 2 Bath) – Have roommates? Living with a close friend can be fun, and what better way to do so than in the luxurious comfort provided by the Bay Port Flat. With1,223 square feet, this apartment is plenty big enough for you and your roommate.
  • The Ann Arbor Flat (2BR, 2 Bath) – Similar to the Bay Port Flat, this two bedroom apartment is perfect for you and your roommate. With a similar square footage to the Bay Port, coming in at 1,158 square feet, the Ann Arbor flat features a slightly different layout. Check out our floor plans today to decide what style better suits you.

All of our apartments for rent in West Chester are pet-friendly and have the option to add an detached garage. In addition to our four apartment options, we also have two townhome floor plans too. Check them out.

Come Join Our Community!

Here at The Lakes At West Chester Village we offer luxury apartments to West Chester, Ohio. Our apartments a centrally located between shopping, dining, and recreation areas making it a truly wonderful neighborhood to be a part of. Our West Chester rentals are perfect for bachelors and bachelorettes as well as the growing family, so no matter what stigma that you associate with apartment complexes, we insist that you come take a tour of our so that we can change your mind.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us and take a look at our rentals in West Chester. Already confident that our wonderful community is a great fit for you? Apply online today!

Also, this wouldn’t be a true welcome post if we didn’t discuss one of the largest attributes as an apartment community; our lakes. Featuring three lakes, our property is picturesque, making it as comfortable to look at as are apartments and townhomes are comfortable to be in!

Contact us today if you have any questions.