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The Comeback Of The West Chester Townhome

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In the past, townhomes have found themselves situated in a void where some people love them, and some people can’t stand them, but all of that has begun to shift in the last couple of years. As a provider of West Chester townhomes, we understand the appeal that townhomes have to some people, and we see the issues that other peoples see with townhomes as well. We get it, they aren’t for everyone, because if it has been your dream to have a huge yard, you probably won’t be happy in a townhome — unless you live at the Lakes At West Chester Village, that is.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of the issues that people have seen with living in a townhome in the past, and how our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio have resolved said issues.

Our Townhomes’ Response To Yard Space

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction to today’s post, some people have a strange vendetta against townhomes simply because they have little to no functional yard space. At the Lakes At West Chester Village, we see that as a huge benefit — and let us tell you why! First things first, having a small yard mean that there is hardly any maintenance, or no maintenance if you live in one of our townhomes in West Chester, Ohio.  You might be thinking “This still hasn’t solved my functional outdoor space issue,” and you’re right, but trust us when we say we have a solution.

Living in our rentals in West Chester, OH we provide our tenants with more than an adequate amount of functional outdoor space to make up for their small yards. How does a playground for your kids sound? A community grilling station?  A wood burning fire pit? A bark park for your four-legged friends? A rentable clubhouse? A five-mile walking trail? At the Lakes At West Chester, we have it all! Stop by our community today to schedule a tour of our awesome little neighborhood.

Our Townhomes’ Response To Living Space

Typically when people think of townhomes they think of a space that is smaller than the average house, but larger than the average apartment — and more often than not, that is the correct assumption. While some people tend to think that it is normal to live in an apartment when you are younger and then graduate to a home as you age, skipping the “townhome phase” is something that we simply disagree with here at the Lakes At West Chester Village. Townhomes in West Chester should be viewed as appropriate housing for anyone, at any stage of their life, because whether you are newly graduated from college, or married with a child, townhomes have plenty of functional space for you.

If you believe that townhomes are not fit to accommodate your lifestyle, we have a solution for you at the Lakes At West Chester Village. Our townhome community features a number of facilities that can accommodate your various lifestyle needs. Our West Chester rentals feature plenty of outdoor space for you to unwind, a 24-hour business center for you to work in, a 24-hour fitness center for you to workout in, and a 24-hour tanning salon for you to relax in! For a full list of amenities, click here.

Come to Join Our Townhome Community In West Chester

If you do not already live here in West Chester, you are missing out. Our quaint little township on the edge of the Cincinnati urban sprawl is the perfect combination of city and small town feel. Jam-packed with arts, entertainment, food, and activity, West Chester is the perfect place to raise your family.

If you are interested in becoming a resident, whether that be in one of our apartments or townhomes in West Chester, we urge you to stop by our front office and ask for a tour. If you live far enough away that you cannot take the luxury of visiting us in person, we insist that you take a look at the various resources that we have on our website.

Are you already convinced that you want to live in one of our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio? Apply today! If you have any questions about our community, be sure to contact us.

How To Spruce Up Your West Chester Townhome

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Since the beginning of time, people have viewed townhomes as an intermediary step between an apartment and a detached home. People commonly think this because oftentimes apartments, and townhomes, in particular, can feel like they lack the “homey” feeling. Today, in The Lakes At West Chester blog, we will be discussing some of our favorite ways to spice up West Chester townhomes and make them feel more home-like.

The Lakes At West Chester is your source of high-quality and comfortable townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio. Because of our investment in townhomes and apartments, we know a thing or two about how to make them feel more like a home. Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks that you can use to spruce up your townhomes in West Chester, Ohio.

Hang Mirrors

When most people think of a mirror they picture it as a tool that is solely used for looking at yourself while you brush your teeth, ensuring that you are ready for the day, but at The Lakes At West Chester, we think differently. A mirror is a tool that can provide two major benefits to your West Chester rental — brighten the room, as well as making it look larger.

Mirrors can be strategically placed on the walls of your West Chester townhomes in an effort to brighten the room. Depending on if your unit faces East/West, North/South, or between the two, a mirror can accurately brighten any room of the house. The trick is that when you hang the mirror you want to hang it on the wall that is most prone to receiving sunlight. One last consideration that you should make before you decide to hang the mirror is if you would rather have a brighter home in the evening or in the morning, subsequently hanging the mirror on the eastern side of the room if you would like morning light and the western if you want evening light.

Mirrors are also an excellent tool to make the rooms in your West Chester rental seem larger. Granted, if you are looking directly into the mirror it will clearly not make the room seem larger, but when you catch the reflection out of the corner of your eye, it will trick your brain into thinking that the room feels larger.

Make An Urban Garden

Depending on the West Chester rental property that you decide to rent, you may or may not have a yard large enough to grow all of your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables. If you are interested in building an urban garden, check out the three different types of gardens that we have outlined below.

In-Ground Gardens

In-ground gardens are the most common type of gardens for people that own a property, So if you own one of the townhomes in West Chester, Ohio, this is likely the best option for you. In-ground gardens require no structures to be built and instead only require some tilling and the addition of fertilizer to the soil. Once you have mixed the soil, you can plant any of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that your heart desires.

Raised Bed Gardens

A raised bed garden consists of a wooden structure that sits above the ground and is filled with dirt. Raised garden beds are the perfect gardening technique for someone that is looking for townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio because a raised bed can be transported, and depending on the size of the bed, put on the porch or in the yard. Raised garden beds can be constructed both with or without, a bottom, with the bottomless varieties being more permanent.

Container Gardens

Lastly, we will discuss the container garden, a valuable asset for the West Chester rentals that have little-to-no functional outdoor space. If you are looking for townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio, container gardens are by far the most practical and manageable form of urban gardening. Building a container garden is as simple as buying small containers that you can move with ease and plant your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Planting them in a small container makes it easy for the plants to be moved from the front porch to the back porch to inside the house with ease.

Become A Part of Our Community

Get A Large Corner Couch

While you normally would not think to add a large couch to a smaller room, it can actually do two major things — decrease the cluttered look of the room and provides some serious comfort. Any time that you buy a large couch for a moderately sized room in one of the many townhomes in West Chester, Ohio, it is visualized as being in the way, or troublesome, when in reality it can be an excellent addition to a room.

A corner couch, as large as it may be, will hug the wall, staying out of the high traffic areas in the room while also providing an immense amount of comfortable lounging. Additionally, having one large couch versus a small couch and the chairs can declutter a house and give it a more chic look.

Storage, Storage, Storage

One of the easiest ways to make your townhome in West Chester, Ohio feel homier is to have it be clutter free, and what better way to do that than to incorporate excess amounts of storage options in your home. Now, don’t get us wrong, at The Lakes At West Chester, we love shelving units, but there are innovative other ways to store things in your West Chester rentals.

Two of our favorite new innovative storage ideas are devices that you typically wouldn’t think of as a storage receptacle — ottomans and coffee tables. Ottomans are an extremely functional storage solution because they already serve a functional purpose, making it a much better alternative to using additional storage containers. Ottomans are perfect for holding the blankets and other fabrics that would otherwise be cluttering the living room draped over the arm of the couch.

Much like ottomans, new coffee tables can provide some serious dual functionality to your West Chester rentals. Coffee tables are already good for holding drinks, food, remotes, and for kicking your heels back in after a long day at the office, but they can also serve as a storage receptacle. Many new coffee tables feature drawers and tops that open so that you can store the miscellaneous items like the magazines and remotes that once cluttered your living room.

Use Your Best Judgement

As Your source for high-quality townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio, The Lakes At West Chester can’t tell you how to make your townhomes a home, because that is solely up to you. We do hope, however, that you like, or are inspired by, our above suggestions. West Chester is a wonderful community, and a West Chester rental is as wonderful as you make it.

If you are looking for townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio, we urge you to check out our community. At The Lakes at West Chester, we offer both apartments and townhomes that are centrally located between food, entertainment, and local businesses. Stop by today or apply to our west Chester rentals, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Rentals in West Chester Ohio

Rentals In West Chester, OH: Get To Know Your City

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Are you currently renting an apartment or one of the many West Chester Townhomes? Are you currently living somewhere else but are considering moving to our quaint township on the edge of the city? If you answered ‘yes’ to either one of those questions, this blog post is for you.

All too many times, people live in or move to a city without knowing much about it. Sure, you definitely have done your research enough to know that West Chester is a wonderful place to live, but our township has a rich history and plenty of valuable amenities that often go overlooked.

Today, your provider of apartments and townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio, The Lakes At West Chester Village is going to discuss the lesser-known facts and amenities that our town can provide you.

Get To Know The Neighborhood

A Brief History Of West Chester

West Chester has a colorful history that happens to not be common knowledge here among the residents. West Chester was created from the Liberty Township, voted into separation by the Butler County Commissioners on June 2, 1823. Initially, the size of the township was not given a boundary, but in totality, it only spanned the small size of 35 square miles. Additionally, when West Chester first separated from the Liberty Township it was known as the “Union” Township before becoming commonly known as West Chester, and officially renamed in 2000.

Are you still unfamiliar with what a township is? Essentially, a township is governed by three members on a board of trustees. Every four years, an election is held so that the citizens may be able to pick their governing leaders. In recent years, three votes have been held to determine if the community wants to become a city instead of a township, and all three times our community voted to stay the same. Obviously, West Chester community members are happy with what we have.

West Chester Parks

Living outside of Cincinnati has its perks, as we have plenty of space for trees and wildlife.  Additionally, our township has a wonderful parks program that oversees the maintenance and preservation of five beautiful parks. When living in West Chester, one can expect easy access to fun outdoor activities like playgrounds, hiking and running trails, fishing, picnic and firepit areas, pedal boat rentals, dog parks, and so much more. Whether you want to go for an after-work run or spend a weekend at the park, our township has all of the amenities that you could possibly need.

At the Lakes At West Chester Village, we are centrally located, meaning our beautiful parks are no farther than a hop, skip, and a jump away. Check out our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio today so that you can experience our township’s parks tomorrow!

West Chester Schools

Our township is lucky enough to have a wonderful school district. The Lakota School District has an impressive graduation rate, with 97 percent of students receiving their diploma each year. Additionally, 80 percent of those students go on to continue their education at a collegiate level. While our local school district puts up impressive numbers in academics, they also compete very well athletically.

With one of the largest, and most competitive, athletics departments in the state, our two high schools (Lakota East & Lakota West) boast over 26 varsity sports programs. Here at The Lakes At West Chester Village, we take pride in being able to provide our residents with West Chester rentals that are close to such a great local school district.

The West Chester Activity Center

Are you looking for a nice place to settle down for retirement? If so, consider our houses for rent in West Chester, Ohio. Close in proximity to the West Chester Activity Center, our apartments, townhomes, and homes are in the ideal location.

So what can you do at our local activity center? Our activity center is focused on fulfilling the physical, social, and mental needs of the older adults in our community. With activities like a book club, chair volleyball, card games, billiards league, lunches, and a multitude of other programs, the West Chester Activity Center is sure to keep you active and entertained.

West Chester Library Systems

Another addition to the wonderful township and regional benefits that we are provided with here in West Chester is the MidPointe Library System. Servicing Middletown, Trenton, Monroe, Liberty, Lemon, Madison, Wayne, and West Chester, the MidPointe Library System can provide you with an unmatched collection of books and other various media.

So whether you want to visit the local library, or check out a book and snuggle up in one of our West Chester rentals, our library is perfect for you.

Become Apart Of Our Community At The Lakes At West Chester Village

The odds are that if you are reading this you already have some sort of interest in becoming a part of our community, and if you still aren’t after reading this blog post, we are simply out of words. The West Chester community has a plethora of benefits, and as we move forward we will discuss more of them this blog. So stay tuned!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, be sure to visit us and check out one of our townhomes in West Chester, Ohio. Our high-quality townhomes are centrally located, providing you with some of the best access to some of the best restaurants, outdoor activities, and entertainment that our township has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today or contact us with any questions that you have about our West Chester townhomes.