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Homes For Rent In West Chester — Becoming One Of The Best Places To Live In America

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If you live in West Chester, Ohio, you probably already have a pretty good idea of how great of a place this is to live — after all, people are always moving here, but how often do you hear about people moving away? Not very often!

As a provider of apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio, we know firsthand just how great our little community is, and it seems like others are starting to take notice. In fact,  a list released annually by Time’s Money section has been keeping tabs on our community all along. Every year, Time considers a number of variables in partnership with to rank 100 communities in the nation with a population greater than 10,000 and a population smaller than 100,000. Needless to say, that is a lot of communities, yet West Chester is quite often included in the 100 communities chosen!

In past years, West Chester has been awarded the previous rankings:

  • In 2005, West Chester was ranked 45th
  • In 2010, West Chester rose to 32nd
  • In 2012, West Chester barely made the cut at 97th
  • In 2014, West Chester rose back down to 30th
  • In 2016, West Chester was ranked 46th
  • Most recently West Chester was placed at 56th
  • What will 2018 hold for West Chester? Good things, we expect.

How Are Communities Judged for This Award?

Well, to put it simply, communities are not judged for the apartments in them, otherwise, our apartments in West Chester would have brought home 1st place for the township. That being said, a number of important factors ranging from the economy, the school districts, the culture, the infrastructure, and housing markets are all considered.

So how did West Chester Township do in these categories?

Economy & Standard of Living – Arguably one of the most important considerations made by Time would arguably be the economy and standard of living experienced in each community — after all, it was published in their “Money” section. Here in West Chester, we ranked quite highly in this category, boasting a median household income of 100,026 dollars annually. Additionally, our local economy looked quite strong with a projected job growth rate of 4.48 percent. And of course, they had to mention that we hold one of two Ikeas in Ohio.

Education – One of the reasons that we see families seeking a new home here in West Chester Township is the amazing schools and education systems in our community. Home to the Lakota School District features six early childhood schools, eight elementary schools, four junior high schools, and three high schools. While that alone might not seem to be a feat, with all schools funneling into our local high schools, our community still sees an impressive 94 percent graduation rate. So essentially, our school district produces future community leaders!

Culture – Now, if you live in West Chester, or even if you’ve been here, you likely aren’t surprised that our local culture has helped us rank in the top 100 for a number of years. In fact, there is never a dull moment here in West Chester. Whether it be cute boutique shops that you have to drag yourself out of, chic restaurants that can boast in both ambiance and taste, or the many free concerts in the summer, it is hard to beat the culture in West Chester.

It Wasn’t Judged, But Our Apartments In West Chester Are Pretty Nice Too

At The Lakes At West Chester Village, we love being a part of the West Chester Township community. Our culture, schools, and economy are stronger than ever — and getting stronger. So don’t be surprised to see us a notch higher on the list in the 2018 rankings.

Here at The Lakes At West Chester Village, we do our best to emulate the qualities of West Chester here in our small community. Featuring walking trails, dog parks, a business center, a heated saltwater pool, a 24-hour tanning salon, and moving rentals, we do our best to offer our residents with MORE things than they will ever need, just as the West Chester community does.

Come to visit our Apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio today to see what we are talking about.  To view our extensive amenities and floor plans we urge you to visit our website! We look forward to seeing you.

Having People Over For Thanksgiving In Our West Chester Apartments

Having People Over For Thanksgiving In Our West Chester Apartments

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When people think of Thanksgiving, they typically think of a large, rather long table surrounded with mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents — but in all honesty, how likely are you to be able to do that in an apartment? While you may not be able to host the annual family feast as it was in your childhood home, you can still have a nice Thanksgiving dinner — maybe just send out fewer invitations.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing a few ways to have a quality Thanksgiving in your own home, here at our West Chester apartments.

Thanksgiving At The Lakes At West Chester Village

As turkey day approaches there are a few things that you might want to consider when planning your festivities. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few ways that you can make the transition to hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment!

First Things First — Touch Base With Your Neighbors

While we take pride in the quality of construction that was employed when building our apartments in West Chester, we do want to point out that they are still apartments, meaning if you have ten people in one room, your neighbors might be able to hear you. In an effort to prevent any animosity between you and your neighbors from developing, it is important for you to stop by, introduce yourself (if you haven’t already), and explain that you are having some people over for Thanksgiving. After you have become acquainted, you can exchange contact information so that they can shoot you a text if you are being too loud. Next, it is time to plan!

Decide The Revised Layout Of Your West Chester Rental

If you are planning on having people over to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is important to first think of the space that you will be using to host. Lucky for you, at The Lakes At West Chester Village, all out our apartment floor plans feature connected dining rooms and living rooms, meaning that you can simply rearrange your furniture temporarily to accommodate hosting a larger amount of people.

Prepare Your Kitchen

All too often, people invite others to their home and then when it comes time to throw the bird in the oven, they realize that something is missing, or that something will not work the way they had intended for it to. Sadly, this can ruin Thanksgiving, or at the least your mood. Consider checking things like your grocery list, the spices you’ll need, and even things a simple as the compatibility of the pan you intend on using and your oven. Once you have made sure that you are ready to cook, it is time to invite people over and prepare for their arrival.

Preparing For Your Guests

Ahh, the final step. You are almost ready to invite your friends and family over to enjoy the evening, but what else is there to do? One final step that we have to suggest as your provider of apartments in West Chester is to stop by and talk to the front desk. If you have any questions with regard to hosting Thanksgiving festivities in your apartment, we would be happy to help you out — especially with (but not limited to) questions in regard to parking. If you believe that your guests will have multiple cars, come swing by and ask us where the best place for them to park is, or to ask for a couple of guest parking passes. We would be happy to help!

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!

We know that a lot of our renters are beginning to think about Thanksgiving, and if you are not traveling elsewhere for Thanksgiving, it is likely that you will be spending it at home here in our apartments in West Chester. We hope that today’s blog post brought to light some of the things that you should consider before sending out the final invites. We wish you a happy turkey day and hope that you and your guests have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

If you have any questions in regard to our apartments for rent in West Chester, we urge you to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

So You’ve Scheduled A Walkthrough — What Should You Look For?

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If you are reading this blog post, you have likely scheduled a walkthrough and tour at one of the various apartments in West Chester (hopefully ours). While you might feel relieved to have finally found a place that you may potentially call home soon, it is important to not start relaxing — not yet at least. When looking at apartments in West Chester, it is important to be hypervigilant when taking the tour of your new home, after all, wouldn’t you want to know if there are issues before you move in rather than after?

In today’s blog post, your source of West Chester apartments, the Lakes At West Chester Village will be discussing a few of the things that you should be looking for when touring an apartment, whether it be one of ours or one of our competitors.

The Two Types Of Apartments In West Chester

Before we dive into today’s topic, we want to discuss why it is important for you to take such great notes during your walkthrough. There are two types of apartment complexes in the area, and two different reasons that your notes might come in handy.

The Apartment Complex That Doesn’t Care

All too often we hear nightmare stories from our tenants about their previous living conditions. When they did their walkthrough, everything appeared to be in perfect condition, but upon moving in problem after problem was discovered. Some apartments in West Chester will actually show you a unit that they know is in perfect condition when in reality you will be getting a different unit of lesser quality — all they are looking to do is get your name on the dotted line. Additionally, if you don’t notice issues with your West Chester Apartment until after you move in, they might try to hit you with the “How are we to know that you didn’t break that after moving in” statement — trying to save themselves a quick buck.

The Apartment Complex That Cares

At The Lakes At West Chester Village, we are on the opposite side of the spectrum. We want you to take notes and test things out during your walkthrough. Why is this? To put it simply, if something is broken that we are not aware of from the previous tenants, we would like to know before you move in so that it can be fixed in a timely manner. But what should you be looking for during your walkthrough?

Electricity And Appliances

When you are doing your walkthrough, it is important that you are sure to check the general function of the electricity in your new apartment. If you find an issue, you can report it to your West Chester apartment complex so that they can address the issue before you move in.

Lights – Do not be scared to touch every lightswitch that you see. Not only is it a good idea to do so to get a better idea of what switches turn on different lights, but it will also show you if the lights are working. If a light does not turn on, be sure to report it to your complex so that they can replace the bulb or wiring — whatever the issue may be.

Outlets – Much like the lights, it is important to check the outlets — as that is not a project that you could simply take on yourself once moving in. By bringing a charger and testing all the major outlets you can avoid having to call maintenance shortly after you move in.

Appliances – Open the fridge, turn on the stove, open the microwave! Be sure to test all of the appliances for function so that you can avoid eating takeout the first week of your move in!


A utility that is just as important to your apartment as electricity is water, and if your plumbing is not working that could be an issue. Briefly checking the plumbing of your potential new apartment can save you a lot of time and money.

Toilets – While it may seem a little odd to ask the employee conducting the walkthrough if you can use the bathroom, it really is not. By doing so, you can check the toilet to see if it works efficiently. Be sure to look for leaks, poor water flow,  or any other issues that might suggest a plumbing issue.

Sinks – As you check the bathroom and kitchen be sure to turn on the sinks, once again looking for issues with the plumbing like leaks and poor water pressure. In doing so you can avoid having to call the front desk on your first night in your new West Chester apartment.


Arguably one of the most overlooked items in a walkthrough are the safety precautions that apartments in West Chester have. Think in terms of if you were in the apartment and a disaster happened. How would you get out? What tools does the West Chester apartment have to alert you?

Fire Extinguisher – Open cabinets and look for the fire extinguisher so that once you move in you can safely access it if need be. If there is not one, notify the employee that is showing you the apartment, as all apartments should have a fire extinguisher.

Smoke Detectors – While smoke detectors seem to be more annoying than helpful (considering you have not been involved in a building fire), they are an extremely helpful safety tool to have in your home. Smoke detectors should be located on the ceilings so that they can accurately detect smoke in your apartment. If you cannot find any, it is imperative that you alert your apartment complex.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Much like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are incredibly important to have in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless chemical that is extremely dangerous and potentially dangerous. Unlike the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detectors can be found on the floor level of your apartment. Unsure of where to look? Ask the employee that is giving you the tour where you can find them!

Being Vigilant Pays Off In The End!

As we stated earlier, it is incredibly important to properly inspect your West Chester apartment before moving in. If you do not you may be blamed by the damages by the apartment complex once you move in — unless you move in with us, that is. At The Lakes At West Chester Village, we want you to feel comfortable in your new apartment the day you move in! Instead of having you contact us the day you move in, we would like to take care of any maintenance issues that you might have well in advance — making your experience with us more enjoyable.

Are you interested in becoming a part of our community? Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough of one of our West Chester apartments!

Fall Decoration Tips For Our Apartments In West Chester

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Here at The lakes At West Chester village, we love fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH just became a little bit cozier! But above all else, we are excited that we can break out the fall decorations once again. For a lot of us, breaking out the fall decorations is as simple as digging the decoration box out of the closet, but for others, you may not yet have any fall decorations in your life.

When it comes to living in an apartment in West Chester, fall decorations can become a bit tricky. You want the decoration to do its job (make your apartment feel like fall), but you don’t want it to be too bulky — getting in your way every time you need to move about your apartment.

In today’s blog post, The Lakes At West Chester Village, your local provider of apartments in West Chester will be discussing a few of our favorite fall decorations that won’t break the bank, or take up too much space.


What is the first thing you think of when someone says the word “fall” or “Autumn”? If you are anything like us, you think of pumpkins (and other gourds). Now, we aren’t necessarily talking about jack-o-lanterns, but there is something nice about having the aesthetic of a pumpkin in your home. Not only are gourds cheap, but they are also easy to find as often times you will pass a couple roadside stands just on your way home from work. That being said, like all other plants, they begin to rot once they are cut off from their vine or water source — making plastic gourds an excellent decoration alternative.

Whether the gourds that you decorate your home with are real or plastic, what really matters is that they are there — giving your West Chester apartment the cool fall aesthetic that you didn’t even know you needed.

Thick Accent Blankets

Another way to cozy up your apartments in West Chester for fall is to purchase a few plush accent blankets. Fall is known for a select few colors that closely resemble the changing of the leaves. Burgundy, brown, orange, and yellow are among the most common. A great way to decorate your apartment in a functional way is to place colorful accent blankets on your favorite chair or couch back. Not only will this make for an aesthetically pleasing look, but it will also provide you with comfort and warmth during chilly fall nights.

Add Some Color To Your Walls

As we mentioned above, fall is known for its vibrant colors. A quick way to bring those colors into your West Chester rentals is to add some colors to the walls! Now, we aren’t talking about anything drastic like painting the walls, after all, the winter holidays are just around the corner, but we are simply talking about hanging accenting colors temporarily. But what are the best way to do so? What screams fall more than a colorful quilt? We like to think that nothing does, and while you already have some accenting blankets on your furniture, who’s to say that you cannot hang a quilt on your wall like a tapestry. By handing a quilt, or other colorful accents on your wall, you can take up some of the white space in your West Chester apartment, making it feel warm and cozy just as it should.

Make It Smell Like Fall

You might be thinking “What does smell have to do with decoration?”, and the answer is not much, but what it does do is help create a general feeling within your apartment. In fact, almost everyone has a particular scent that they associate with fall, usually stemming from a childhood memory. For some people, they think of apples and cinnamon, for others it’s cloves, and for most, it is pumpkin pie! So what are you waiting for? Head to your favorite boutique store and find a candle that smells like fall so that you can let its scent, and the warm embrace of your accent blanket, coerce you into a deep sleep in your newly decorated apartment in West Chester.

Come Get Ready For Fall With Us At The lakes At West Chester Village

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The air begins to cool off, the leaves begin to fall, drinking hot cocoa during the day becomes more acceptable. If you love the fall as much as we do, you don’t just want to experience it while you are outside, you want to bring it in with you. While we would not recommend that you bring a handful of leaves with you into your apartments in West Chester, we do however think that you should decorate — in a cleaner, and more practical way.

We hope that this blog post provided you with valuable insight in regard to decorating your West Chester apartment. Contact us today if you have any questions about our apartments in West Chester!

Cleaning Hacks For Your West Chester Apartments: Part Two

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If you tuned in to part one of this blogging installment, you likely know that we talked about some interesting and alternative cleaning methods such as using dryer sheets to buff out watermarks, grapefruits to clean the shower and tub, as well as using vinegar and an iron to rid your carpet of stains. Luckily, that isn’t all! In today’s blog post, your provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, The Lakes At West Chester, will be continuing our conversation on our favorite innovative tips and tricks for cleaning your West Chester rental.

Clean Your Microwave With Soapy Water

While you might be thinking “No kidding — how else would you clean a microwave?”, we aren’t talking about simply scrubbing the microwave with soapy water. Instead, we are suggesting that you actually put the bowl of soapy water in the microwave and run it quickly. In doing so, you can expect for the grime and gunk covering the walls of your microwave ceiling to loosen up, becoming much easier to wipe off. This trick is so beneficial because if there is one thing that can make a luxury apartment in West Chester, Ohio, look less “luxurious” it is to have a dirty microwave.

Clean Fans With An Old Pillowcase

Often times you find yourself laying in bed, looking at the ceiling, only to realize that your ceiling fan is absolutely filthy. Sometimes it can be off-putting to clean the ceiling fan because more often than not, dust goes everywhere. Luckily, you no longer need to take a microfiber cloth and spread dust throughout your West Chester rental. Instead, simply take an old pillowcase (one that you are willing to throw out) and place the opening over each individual blade, simply shutting the opening and pulling the pillowcase off of the blade. In doing so, you will find that you collect all of the dust from the blade while also containing the dust in the back — a much better alternative to spreading it around your luxury apartment in West Chester, Ohio.

Clean Vents With A Wet Rag And A Butter Knife

To keep our list of odd cleaning uses for household items going, we would like to point out the efficiency of using a butter knife and a wet cloth to clean your West Chester apartment air vents. Over time, some dust and grime might build up on the grate of your air vent. By using a wet rag and a butter knife, you can easily slide the rag between the vents, quickly and efficiently removing the dust. Why is this important? Well, to put it simply, over time the dust will accrue on your vents, meaning that when the vents are turned on, they are more likely to decrease the air quality in your West Chester apartment.

Become A Part Of Our Luxury Apartments In West Chester, Ohio, Community

Here at The Lakes At West Chester, we love our little community. We are lucky enough to live within half an hour of Cincinnati while receiving all of the perks of living in a small community — and to top it off, we have a number of awesome amenities, both communal and in each of our West Chester apartments. If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, or even just want to take a look at our luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, we urge you to contact us to schedule a tour. Already know that The Lakes At West Chester is the perfect place for you? Simply apply online today!

We look forward to you joining our community.